London & New York, 13 April 2016 – JDX is proud to launch its second edition of its JDX Aspects catalogue. JDX Aspects encompasses all its Thought Leadership articles for the year 2015 into 2016. Thought Leadership publications are a way to share the practical knowledge and personal experiences gained by the JDX staff during projects, to help our clients address some of the challenges they face in today’s markets.

Jonathan Davies, President and co-founder of JDX Consulting noted, “We are delighted to deliver this second edition, back by popular demand to our clients, and hope they enjoy reading it as much as we have putting it together.”

JDX originally launched Aspects in the spring of 2015, encompassing all the Thought Leadership articles of 2014 into 2015. The JDX Aspects catalogue was launched as a tool for its clients to have a thought provoking easy reference guide into topics that were pertinent in the market place at the time. Whilst the climate in 2016 is still mainly focused on Regulations, like its predecessor years, we have seen the emergence of a whole new industry of Fintech Companies who are disrupting the traditional model of capital markets. Whether it’s new block chain businesses or using a new generation of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, these new technologies are now having a major impact on our clients and changing the way financial institutions do business.

“As the JDX Group itself has grown to provide solutions and services to its clients across FinTech; Insurance; market infrastructure and strategic business transformation advisory; alongside our remediation, change management and legal solutions; the number, breadth, and depth of articles has equally expanded. Through our core themes of: Regulation, Remediation, Change Management, Insurance, Legal and Analytics, the Thought Leadership programme complements the JDX Group by leveraging the knowledge attained by our consultants’ diverse practical experience to write articles on current / future challenges and long term opportunities / solutions. Leveraging LinkedIn, the JDX Blog and other distribution channels, our goal is to increase the knowledge and awareness of the issues, opportunities and solutions to both our consultants and our clients.” said Stuart McClymont Head of JDX Group Thought Leadership and co-founder of base60, the strategic advisory firm within the JDX Group.

If you would like to request a copy of any of the JDX publications, please contact us through our website.

About JDX

JDX is an independent global company, with over 300 employees, created in 2012 to supports clients with cost-effective, flexible resourcing solutions onshore to clients in the areas of operational and regulatory remediation. In 2015 the JDX Group expanded to become a full service-consulting provider launching; JDX FinTech, JDX Insurance, JDX Connect and base60. JDX is a viable alternative to traditional outsourcing and consultancy firms. For more information, please visit