London, 26th April 2017 JDX Consulting, the global financial services consultancy firm, has today announced the opening of their new office in Singapore.

JDX opened up in Singapore 9 months ago and the new office will further support JDX’s growth in Singapore and act as a regional hub for our Asia Pacific operations.

Located in the heart of the Central Business District at 16 Collyer Quay, the new office places JDX in an excellent position to further meet the global needs of their clients, while expanding their footprint across the Asia Pacific region.

Tim Bethel, CEO and co-founder of JDX Consulting, said “This is an important milestone in JDX’s overall business strategy. Our Singapore office, acting as our Asia Pacific hub, will allow us to further meet the needs of our global clients as well as house hosted services in the region as necessary. I am very excited to continue expanding our global footprint and client coverage capability and expect this regional expansion to continue over the coming months.

Richard Mitcham, Head of Asia said “Having a hub in Singapore provides the ability to not only provide the full range of JDX services in the region, but also host remediation solutions when our clients require. This is an important offering for JDX in the area.

About JDX
JDX is a specialist global consulting group established in 2012 with more than 300 employees globally. Inspired by entrepreneurship and underpinned by a unique culture, JDX provides its clients with flexible, bespoke, resourcing solutions, in the areas of operational and regulatory remediation. The JDX Strategy is to do the right thing by its clients with energy, enthusiasm, integrity and knowledge.

In 2015 the JDX Group expanded its offering by launching JDX FinTech, JDX for Insurance, JDX Connect and JDX base60. With this expansion, JDX is now able to provide the full suite of consulting services, and is a viable alternative to traditional consulting and resourcing providers.