London, 4th December 2016 – JDX Consulting, the global financial services consultancy, is excited to announce that it achieved 22nd place in The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table. Fast Track 100 ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their latest three years. It is complied by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each December with an awards event the following May, and alumni dinners throughout the year.

JDX’s position reflects its growth in sales during the 4 years since it was formed in 2012 to £14.8m in 2016. Growth in sales was boosted, during this time, by geographic expansion into New York, Singapore and Switzerland and business expansion into providing consulting services to legal departments, the insurance industry and by expanding its service offering to include advisory consulting from JDX base60 down to hosted remediation by JDX Connect.

Jonathan Davies, President, JDX said “I am proud to be joining this list of exciting companies in The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100. This recognition reflects the unique ethos and culture of JDX in partnering with our clients by providing intelligent, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial consultants to assist them solve their most complex resourcing challenges

 However, this is just the beginning. We recently published our business strategy for the next 3 years, which sees JDX building on this success and growing both globally and from a business perspective. We intend to provide our clients with an even wider consulting service and our staff even more opportunities to grow and develop. We are extremely excited about the next months and years”

 Sir Richard Branson of Virgin, the title sponsor for all 20 years, commented:

“For 20 years, the Fast Track 100 has checked the country’s entrepreneurial pulse, and highlighted the best and brightest talents emerging from the UK – this year is no exception. When I started up in business almost 50 years ago, the word entrepreneur wasn’t really known. Now everyone knows entrepreneurs are the job makers and innovation stimulators of the world. More importantly, many, many more people want to join the club, and change business for good.”

About JDX

JDX is an independent consulting company, created in 2012, with more than 350 employees globally, inspired by entrepreneurship and underpinned by our unique culture. JDX provides its clients with flexible, bespoke resourcing solutions in the areas of operational and regulatory remediation. The JDX Strategy is to do the right thing by clients with energy, enthusiasm, integrity and knowledge.

In 2015 the JDX Group expanded its offering by launching JDX FinTech, JDX for Insurance, JDX Connect and JDX base60. With this expansion, JDX is now able to provide the full suite of consulting services and is a viable alternative to traditional consulting and resourcing providers.

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Reproduced by permission. Copyright The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100