London & New York, 13 April 2016 – JDX is proud to issue a new and improved Glossary for the Financial Industry this spring. The new JDX Glossary focuses on key regulatory drivers impacting the financial markets for 2016 and beyond. This year’s Glossary is designed to support back and middle office resources focused on MiFID, FATCA, KYC and EMIR.

Tim Bethel, CEO and co-founder of JDX Consulting said, “The JDX Glossary is a popular quick reference guide that our clients can keep on their desks to ensure they have the latest current and new regulatory terms to hand, eradicating the need to spend time searching the internet where the same acronym can mean two different things. Take for example “IRS” this can refer to the UK “Inland Revenue Service” or within finance to an “Interest Rate Swap”, the JDX Glossary ensures you have the right term with the right definition. At JDX, consultants cover many of the industry wide acronyms in our bootcamp training week and throughout the JDX Academy to ensure that they are well prepared before leaving for client site.”

JDX originally launched its Glossaries in early 2013, encompassing terms mainly focused on KYC (Know Your Client) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering), a dominant space for JDX projects during that year. The intention with the JDX Glossaries was to help financial professionals navigate the ever emerging regulatory jargon. In 2014 the Glossary evolved to meet the needs of the industry at the time and focused on an entire publication dedicated to EMIR. Alongside the Glossary, JDX also launched its JDX Values brochure in 2013, with a second edition in 2014 as well as the first edition of JDX Aspects in the spring of 2015, with its second publication out now in 2016.

If you would like to request a copy of any of the JDX publications, please contact us through our website.

About JDX

JDX is an independent global company, with over 300 employees, created in 2012 to supports clients with cost-effective, flexible resourcing solutions onshore to clients in the areas of operational and regulatory remediation. In 2015 the JDX Group expanded to become a full service-consulting provider launching; JDX FinTech, JDX Insurance, JDX Connect and base60. JDX is a viable alternative to traditional outsourcing and consultancy firms. For more information, please visit