Sean McGee

Global Head of Business Development and Marketing

Sean McGee’s Story

Sean is an experienced operations director with over 20 years of experience in derivative and cash operations. Sean has held leadership positions at the Derivatives Consulting Group and Sapient, as well as other operational leadership positions at Goldman Sachs and ABN AMRO N.V. The experience gained from these roles has enabled him to build a thorough understanding of consulting practices coupled with a knowledge of the mechanics of derivatives businesses.

Sean started his career with Swiss Bank Corporation where he worked in Derivative Operations. In 1994 he joined Goldman Sachs where he created and subsequently managed the European Derivative Operations. He also led the original implementation of major initiatives including SwapClear, Markitwire and the DTCC Warehouse. In 2004, Sean joined ABN AMRO to head up their Client Operations globally. He organised the transition of ABN AMRO’s Client Operations from a product-aligned to a client-aligned model. More recently, Sean was a Managing Director of Derivatives Consulting Group where he led the Global Novation Support practice. This practice grew to over 100 people globally.

Sean joined JDX in March 2013 where he is now the Global Head of Business Development and Marketing.