Today’s the big day. You’ve been ‘swiped right’ up to this point, and now’s your final bid for the job. Your credentials have stood up to scrutiny and this stage is primarily for working out whether you and the other party are well-suited to one another. Both dates and interviews can be exciting or nerve racking, but despite what you may think, there are actually some other surprising similarities between the two.

Be yourself
Making it to interview stage means that you’ve wowed the company with your CV and qualifications. But do you now fit in with the company’s culture? This can often be a hard balance to get right in interviews. On the one hand it might seem tempting to talk about all of your impressive feats, but do so in a manner that won’t be perceived as arrogant. Answer your interviewer’s questions fully and make your achievements relevant to that particular question. Veering off topic can make you look panicked and over rehearsed.

Be chivalrous
From the moment you enter the office, your charm levels need to be turned up to the max. The other candidates for the job will surely bring their ‘A game’ so it’s vital that you do too. This means smiling and greeting other employees you come into contact with and providing firm and confident handshakes (with eye contact of course). It is vital to be as polite as you’ve ever been, and just like a date, this a sole chance to impress and secure a second date or a future career.

Dress appropriately
This is a crucial ingredient. It’s vital to look the part by being clean and presentable but avoid dressing over the top. The first impressions that your potential employers will have of you are visual. Make sure you enquire about the dress-code and exactly what is expected of you. Wearing the wrong attire could cause embarrassment for you, and will show a due lack of care and attention in researching the company. Inappropriate clothing might also suggest that you aren’t entirely serious about the role – would you turn up to a nice restaurant in jeans and a t-shirt?

Ask plenty of questions
Me, me, me. No one enjoys a one-sided conversation with your opposite number talking only about themselves. Not only is it impolite in a date environment, it also shows immaturity in an interview environment. Intelligent questions will not only impress an interviewer but they could stimulate an interesting conversation and also help to deviate the attention from being solely on you! Do your research prior to the interview to show that you’re interested in the company, listen attentively and engage intelligently with the interviewer.

So there we go, a couple of tips for getting through the interview. Prepare to the best of your ability and let the rest take care of itself. Good luck!