18 October 2017

The annual JDX Sports Tour which took place last week provided the perfect stage for JDXers to showcase their competitive spirit and sporting prowess. Once again, Malta was host to the 30 person group who represented three different sports; hockey, football and netball.

So why are JDX, a financial consulting firm, so keen to promote sports teams within the firm?
Well, the weekend’s largely disappointing score lines were irrelevant! There are two reasons why we send our consultants away on a sports tour every year. The first is good, old fashioned, team work. There is no better way to get people to work together more effectively than to encourage them to spend quality “down time” together.
The second reason is perhaps a little less obvious but no less important. At JDX, we feel strongly that engagement in sport helps to build resilience in individuals and, for us, resilience is a critical part of peak performance.

Few would doubt the importance of sport and competition in the development on an individual and there is little surprise why it constitutes a central part of our education. In a way that is like no other, sport (particularly in the team environment) brings together a group of individuals in the pursuit of a common goal and in doing so reveals a side to them that could otherwise be unknown.
Sports do not build character. They reveal it.

There is no doubt that businesses can harness the positive effects produced by sport in the workplace on a daily basis in order to reap the substantial benefits of higher morale, team spirit and the ability to overcome challenges. Resilience is defined for us as a person’s ability to “bounce back” from disappointment or failure in a way that has a positive outcome for them and the company they work for. Sport is key in this because it requires an individual to go through a number of steps before “success” can be ensured. Regular training, learning from losses and having a common goal all being absolutely critical.

For us, it is those resilient employees who thrive, both in the workplace and outside of JDX, so we will always look to sponsor and encourage sporting events for our staff. Of course, they’re also great fun!