At times it can seem that there are infinite struggles for a graduate coming out of university; you step into the grey area of being both young and old. The adult world hits you fast and you are suddenly facing the unknown. From living the high life in a house full of your friends to having no social life as everyone returns to their own city and your student loan dries up. Many graduates find themselves jobless, poor, and on top of everything, having a huge loan hanging over their heads. It can be difficult coming out of university and there are many problems that need to be solved.

Firstly, deciding where to look for a job can be a really tough call. Tempted to try the bright lights of London? It’s definitely exciting but trying to afford a living in London can be scary. Having enough money to cover rent, clothes, transport and social life can be bit of a stretch for some graduates. The idea of saving up enough money for a house one day can seem daunting. What about up north in Newcastle? It’s cheaper but with less opportunities and relatively far from anywhere else on the map. What about smack bam in the middle? Birmingham?

The second city offers all the excitement of London for a much more affordable price. It has lots of history and culture. Birmingham is a great place to be for graduates, being the youngest city in Europe, with under 25’s accounting for nearly 40% of its population. With “Brexit” and “HS2” being built, many companies are finding themselves moving north to Birmingham. The business opportunities are thriving, especially in the financial sector with banks such as HSBC committing to Birmingham. This is no surprise as Birmingham has the second largest economic output in the UK of over £23 billion. Birmingham has loads to do to keep you entertained, from comedy clubs, to nightlife, to the famous shopping centre “The Bullring”. If you’re interested in beautiful scenery, Birmingham is also famous for having more canals than Venice!

One of the UK’s fastest growing firms has also seen the opportunities of such a great city and is in full swing of taking advantage of these. JDX is a financial consulting company that has already succeeded in London and is now starting to expand its operations across the world. Opportunities to learn and develop at JDX through the JDX Academy are endless and there are also plenty of opportunities to socialise and have a good time at JDX. The sociable culture encourages JDX’ers to go out and have a good time. If you are torn between working and going abroad after university, why not do both? JDX even offers the chance to go on projects abroad from New York to Singapore. If this all sounds amazing but you’re worried your degree does not line up to the financial sector; don’t! The JDX academy offers great teaching and education so JDX doesn’t look for a specific degree when recruiting, just that special “JDX Factor”.

It’s no surprise that JDX is causing such a stir in the industry and growing aggressively with so many amazing opportunities coming out of the company. It’s certainly very exciting!