How do you define happiness? The answer to this question is not something that can be standardised or explained as a collective. It’s a constant driving factor that influences our decisions and pushes us to achieve the goals we set ourselves. Achieving these goals creates brief moments of fulfillment that help us identify where we fit in an ever changing world. As humans we always strive for more so we are constantly setting ourselves new targets.

Achieving goals
The realisation of achieving one of our goals pushes us to new heights and ongoing development. As a result, confidence in our abilities becomes key and gives faith that we have not plateaued in our progression. New skills and knowledge can also be learnt to help obtain the next milestones we set ourselves.

What makes you happy?
What would your answer be? To one person this could be traveling the world, finding new and interesting places with incredible people and stories. To someone else this could be their worst nightmare. We are all unique in our pursuits. Regardless of what brings you this sense of purpose and achievement, having that drive is important in everyday life as it is the incentive that gets you out of bed in the morning.

Reflect on accomplishments
Every one of us at some point has been in a position where we felt no purpose or determination to achieve more. Looking back on milestones in life can help reinstate our direction both in work and everyday life. I’m sure most of you reading this begin to spark memories or moments that do exactly that.

Money buys happiness?
This question can be argued from both perspectives. Money undoubtably opens doors that can be perceived to bring happiness. On the other hand, we are all instinctively social beings and wish to share our experiences with others. Therefore, who would you consider happier; someone with all the money in the world but no family/true friends or someone who has just enough to support their family and ensure their wellbeing? Greed can consume and ultimately transform the pursuit of happiness into the pursuit of money.

In essence, finding the balance between work and what makes you truly happy could be considered the ultimate pursuit of happiness. We all make sacrifices but keeping track of the end goal should never be forgotten.