So the day has come (deep breathe) to pack your ASOS filled wardrobe and make the move to the big city. But where exactly will you be unpacking? is the U.K.’S busiest flat sharing website that allows you to filter potential housemates in a variety of locations. The app is really simple to use, you don’t even need to register and yes, that really is the cost of renting each month (don’t panic).

You’ve settled in well in your new room in Clapham and you’ve bagged yourself your first big job interview, based in Liverpool Street tomorrow at 9am. How are you going to get there, during rush hour, on time and in one piece? Oh I know – CityMapper. Instead of trying to understand the overly complicated tube map, CityMapper will calculate your route for you, giving you an accurate duration, live disruption updates as well as alternative route options. So no excuses for being late!

Unfortunately, it’s bad news. You didn’t get the job due to ‘lack of experience’, so let’s get you out there my friend. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional website and gives you the opportunity to connect and network with relevant people and organisations. Finally, you can see what jobs are available and apply. So there we have it, chin up! You’ve got this.

It’s finally the weekend and the job hunting can wait. You call your friends and invite them for a night out in London but you’re a last minute kid, who has left it too late, and they already have other plans. You scratch your brain to think who else you can invite and then give up and accept that it will have to be ‘Netflix and chill’ for one. Hold on a minute, what’s that dating app called again? Bumble is a widely used dating app, very similar to the well-known Tinder however, the difference is to make women feel more comfortable by giving them the opportunity to speak first and take control of the conversation. As for the men, the pressure is off. Who run the world? Girls.

Congratulations – you’ve found your perfect match! Time to design your night - literally! Designmynight is an app where Londoners can discover the best bars, clubs and restaurants. The great thing about the app is the variety of categories to choose from. For example, ‘Secret Bars’, ‘Foodie Night’, ‘Quirky Events’ or ‘Offers’. All venues come with everything you’ll need to know ranging from the nearest tube station to customer reviews. Finally, if you want to switch your night up when you’re out and about, click on ‘near me’ to discover other options only a short walk away. Good luck!

It’s 4am and you’re in a kebab shop with your date. After coming to the realisation that it’s probably time to go home, in your drunken state you wave your arm out for a black cab. Unfortunately, your swinging arm fails as you go unnoticed. If only you had an app on your phone where you could request a safe taxi only minutes away from your current location to take you straight to your front door… UBER! Uber is dominating the city by taking its customers from A to B with a high level of customer service. They’ll most likely let you finish your kebab on route, charge your iPhone and have an in depth conversation with you about the intricacies of your life. For those on a budget, request ‘UberPool’ where you share your cab with others heading in the same direction. Good night! Zzz

Your head hurts and the night is a blur – just like being back at Uni! Uh oh, you’ve just checked your bank balance and your jaw drops at how much money you spent last night, silly. Welcome to London! To help manage your finances, download Monzo. Do it now, do it right now. This will help you monitor how much you’re spending and where. You will be delivered a pretty orange bank card (free of charge) to use for all transactions. Now that you’ve got your finance under control, the next month’s rent payment doesn’t seem so scary does it?

Now did I just hear someone got a job? And through a job posted on LinkedIn? And now in a relationship?! Well look at you! You can thank me later…