‘It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.’ – Moliere

Employers base their perspective about your attitude and performance on the kind of responsibilities you choose to undertake, not only within your specific job role but also outside of it. Moving forward in your career is all about showing a willingness to take responsibility. There are some key ways that you can demonstrate how you are able to increase your responsibilities.

Prove yourself
Without showing responsibility within the current role you hold, you will not be granted any additional responsibility until you are able to demonstrate the additional ability to do so. Basic principles should be:
• Show up for work on time and put in expected hours
• Make appropriate choices – such as how you dress and how you interact with others
• Be reliable – your manager, colleagues and the clients should be able to rely on you on a daily basis, especially during peak or urgent periods
If you can excel in these principles by finishing your work on time and keeping to deadlines you are able to prove that you can handle your current requirements and are able to take on more responsibilities.

Show interest
Show an interest in your job and the place you work. Have an understanding about your company from colleagues to clients to company values. JDX hold many events and evenings, such as “Beers ‘n’ Ideas”, which enable employees the opportunity to discuss ideas, suggestions and areas of improvement for the organisation. Organising or partaking in one of these events shows that you are interested in your place within the company and how it is developing and changing. This enables you to stand out as someone who is committed to the company and demonstrates your willingness to take on more responsibility. Furthermore this offers the opportunity to include yourself and become involved in the company’s culture and environment. Being at a workplace 5 days a week, becomes a way of life, a form of routine, so it is important to enjoy it.

Be Proactive
In order to excel and be rewarded with further responsibility go above and beyond your current duties. Look for opportunities where you can take on further tasks or help find solutions. In doing this you may have the opportunity to work with other departments or people you haven’t interacted with before which can open up more doors. Even within your own team there is always a moment where you can do more than is needed. Be proactive – do not wait for things to happen. If you anticipate that a problem may arise then take advantage of this opportunity to find a solution and share this with your manager. This will prove that not only are you able to fulfil your own responsibilities but are also proactive in your approach to taking on more.

If you regularly demonstrate success in all your current duties and take an interest in your work and the company, you can be assured that you will be seen as a valued employee allowing yourself to stand out against the crowd. Prove to yourself and to management that you can take on additional responsibilities, even if you take them up upon your own initiative. This will demonstrate to your employer that you are capable – proof is better than a promise!