Working at JDX is fun but it can also be challenging when you’re balancing a busy work and social life. You can find yourself losing discipline and developing an inability to stay away from snacking, resulting in gaining those surprise pounds without realising. However, it seems that no matter the size of the workload most JDXers manage to stay fit! Below there are some of their secrets.

Set Your Target
Targets are vital so look at your body composition and set your targets from there. Being within the correct weight range for your age, height and sex doesn’t mean that your body composition is right. It is important to have the right percentage of body fat, muscle and water which can be found by a quick google search. The second step is to check where you lie within these ranges using pharmacy scales. Golden tip: measure your body composition regularly to keep you motivated!

Stay Hydrated
This is very common advice but the results will be felt from day one. It improves skin, reduces bloating and helps to burn fat as well as numerous other benefits. If you get bored of drinking water, add some flavour through super-concentrated juices (only a few drops are needed). Alternatively, freshly squeezed fruit is an easy way of flavouring your water and makes you want to drink more of it!
Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
Again, this is another piece of advice you’ll have before but there is a reason for this. Fruit and vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals your body needs to perform its required functions. This is recognised on client site, the fruit is often finished faster than the pastries showing that a lifestyle of eating healthy and staying fit is gaining more and more momentum. A healthy workforce is a happier and more productive one!

Eat Healthy Snacks and Meals
In the pursuit of finding a healthy, filling and tasty snack (yes there are some snacks that can combine all these attributes) nuts and fruit are top in the list. Another healthy snack is hummus with vegetables such as carrot batons, celery or pepper slices. Hummus is tasty, wheat, gluten, dairy and meat free so it’s ideal for anyone with specific dietary requirements. Craving something sweet? Cereal bars are great option but check the sugar content and choose ones that contain some dried fruit (a source of natural sugar).
Lunch is the biggest meal of the day for some people and so usually contains the highest amount of calories. A high calorie meal isn’t necessarily a bad thing providing the calories come from a good source. Choose meals that include at least one protein and try to avoid simple carbs. Look towards carbs such as brown rice and sweet potato which keep your glycaemic index low and have a slower release of energy due to their complex structure. In simple terms this means you’ll have the feeling of being full for longer. Choose to cook your own meals rather than buying them out because you know exactly what your food includes and you can adjust the recipe to your own preference. This will also save you some money.

Exercise Whenever You Have the Chance
Walk more, cycle more. JDX offers a Bike2Work scheme which makes it easier and faster to commute to work. If you live too far away and cycling to work seems a bit overoptimistic then JDX offers a corporate gym membership. Some clients also have an onsite gym which you might be lucky enough to enjoy! Gym is not the only option as JDX participates in many sports activities and runs. A professional backpack comes in handy, apart from offering you the capacity to carry everything you need, it helps you keep the right body position by spreading the weight you carry equally (no back problems and no struggle in carrying several bags with you).

Staying Healthy
Staying healthy doesn’t just mean not getting a cold, but actually feeling good from the inside. Studies have shown that socialising with people helps you live longer and tackle both depression and loneliness. So surround yourself with like-minded people and take advantage of JDX events, let the fun times roll.

Most people know how to stay fit but occasionally this becomes difficult or boring and people need some fresh ideas to keep them motivated. Keeping fit is always easier when you keep your body healthy through a balanced diet. Invest time for yourself and your wellbeing, the results will be seen in the long term. Remember, those who want to find a way will, the rest will find excuses.