Social media influences many aspects of daily life for all Londoners today and the workforce is no exception. All these different digital platforms offer the potential to enhance employee productivity by fostering connections with colleagues and resources around the globe. Some employers might worry that employees are using these tools for personal purposes while on the job or partaking in speech in public venues that might reflect poorly on their business. According to Pew Research Centre, a major reason why employees use social media is to take a mental break from work. There may be numerous ways to take mental breaks but whatever the reasons are for using this diverse tool, let’s explore the pros and cons of social media in the workplace.


Enhance internal communication within the company
Consider social media as the new company newsletter. JDX has a very active Facebook page that keep everyone in the loop of what is happening within the company. This also cultivates a culture within the company. Not only for Facebook but we have numerous platforms like Yammer, LinkedIn and email circulating to keep everyone up to speed

Promotes the company brand
Having a company website creates a competitive edge which promotes your product/service to customers/clients so that they can familiarise themselves with your brand/business.

Finding new talent
LinkedIn is the perfect recruitment tool which changed the whole recruiting world. This social media platform has made it possible for easy communication between potential employees and employers. One click of a button can lead you to your next job title.

Sales and marketing benefits
Tracking third party reviews allows you to get feedback on your company’s performance in the market place. Look how much JDX achieved in the last few years: the Financial Times Best Places to Work (2015), The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 (2016) and Best Company to Watch (2016) and this is all thanks to social media!


Misuse of social media
The cons of social media is a no brainer but social media in the workplace can also have a number of unproductive consequences. Too much time spent browsing Facebook or checking Twitter notifications can distract you from work, leading to missed/delayed deadlines. Spending all day on your phone is also not going to create a great impression amongst your colleagues!

Most employers have rules for how employees use social media at work or even block social media platforms at work for the safety of the software. Many platforms have pop ups with viruses that could lead to system crash, causing problems for not only you but for IT.

Harmful to company image
Employees should always be mindful what they say or post on social media. The wrong person might see just exactly what is going on at client site or sensitive information could leak out which could lead to a breach of contract.

Bullying and harassment
Just as social media can build up the company culture it can be used to break it down. There may be instances in which people use social media to harass and ridicule people in the office.

The possibilities of social media are endless but like most things in life, balance is the key. Make sure there are policies in place to effectively manage social media in the workplace if needed. Happy tweeting!