So kids, you have recently graduated and Santa is coming. The overdraft is bursting at the seams and your parents are waiting impatiently for you to get a job. The good news is that you can use your Christmas wishes to your advantage - think more strategically about your Christmas list and listen to your mum about those more “needed” or “useful” things! Forget that ice cream maker you had your eye on or those Justin Bieber tickets, here is a list of presents that will be sure to prepare you for the world of work!

“Dear Santa, please help me look smart!”
When you secure that first interview you will become aware that your wardrobe consists heavily of oversized hoodies, and everything that you have been wearing to your lectures is anything but smart. Use those gift vouchers and store cards to invest in a ‘smart wardrobe’. Boring, I know, but this is what you will be wearing for around 80% of the week so it truly is a worthwhile investment. Versatility is important. Stick to blacks, greys and blues that will go with everything. Trust me, in a few months that collection of white shirts will be the most useful gift you received this Christmas!

“But Santa, I really wanted that Mulberry clutch!”
As you get settled into the world of work you will soon realise that your bag is your life. However, that hipster denim backpack from Urban Outfitters isn’t appropriate for the work place and shoving everything in your favourite designer handbag is starting to give you some real shoulder ache. You are going to need a smart bag that will fit in your laptop, files, lunch and perhaps even gym kit. Remember, this bag is going everywhere with you so it needs to be comfy to carry. A bag that satisfies all these requirements will soon become your best friend!

“Santa, you’re already telling me when the Christmas hols are over?!”
Organisation in the work place is key. Turning up late or missing an appointment will not go unnoticed. A good diary and post-its are must haves when you are organising your interviews, appointments and reminders. Paperchase and WHSmith are innovative stationary shops that will suit your every need. Trust me, you will have a blast in there! Also, if you do not already have software packages such as Microsoft Office, mail and calendar, these are all good investments to keep your busy week manageable.

“Oh Santa this is really starting to get boring….”
Opening a thermos flask or a variety of tupperware on Christmas morning does not sound too exciting. However, when you are working long hours, you will definitely choose to eat on-the-go so you can have those extra precious minutes of sleep. Also, I’m sorry to break it to you, but the demands of the consumer world may mean that you have to go without a lunch break. Eating at your desk is a very likely occurrence, so having the leftovers from last night’s lasagne in the office kitchen will save your rumbling tummy. A flask or bottle is another good idea to help save time. It allows you to carry coffee or tea around with you, giving you the caffeine kick to keep you going in the bustling city.

Whilst this list may not seem to be filled with the most exciting presents, they will definitely prepare you for the working world ahead! You can thank me next Christmas.