Your company loves you. This is one of the marketing slogans for Perkbox, and when you delve into what Perkbox has to offer its members you immediately see why. Happy teams can accomplish great things, so outlined below are some of the best offers that are available with your Perkbox membership; ranging from saving money on essentials to inexpensive ways to enjoy your downtime.

Free Phone Insurance: Let’s face it. We’re all human, meaning we all drop our phones and end up with the somewhat inevitable cracked screen. What is the answer you ask? Phone Insurance of course. However, the average phone insurance contract will set you back £140 a year, which is a lot of money out of your pocket which would be much better spent on other (more enjoyable) things. This is what makes the Perkbox free phone insurance offer so fantastic. So you should immediately log into your Perkbox account and click on “Get This Perk”. You’ll be thanking yourself when you wake up on Sunday morning and are welcomed by a destroyed or non-existent phone!

Discounted Food Shopping: As tempting as it is to eat out in restaurants every night, rendering your kitchen a wasteland primarily used for storing sweaters and unused gym gear, it is certainly not something that your bank balance will thank you for. This is where the offers available on Perkbox can give you a helping hand. Varying from online shopping discounts for those adverse to heavy lifting, to discounts at Marks and Spencer for those post pay-day evenings when you are feeling flash (did someone say M&S Dine in For Two?). With discounts available at Sainsbury’s, M&S and Tesco perk yourself up with discounts at your most convenient supermarket and watch the savings rack up.

Money Friendly Pampering and Experiences: Thankfully life isn’t all about the essentials. Perkbox also gives you the opportunity to indulge without a scary credit card bill. This includes a free “Fabyouless” card, giving you 25% off and 2 for 1 discounts at over 2,500 Salons and Spas nationwide. Are you saying to yourself “who has the time to travel to a Spa and get a massage?” Fear not, there is a solution for that too. Cityswish offers you the tranquillity of a spa from the comfort of your own home, office or hotel. With Perkbox giving you 10% off any purchase, 20% off treatments of £50 or over and 30% off treatments of over £100 even the time-poor can be rich in beauty luxuries.

Bargain Holidays: Regardless of how much you love your job, getting some time off to go on holiday is hugely enjoyable. Unfortunately, we can’t all afford to jet off to Richard Branson’s private Island. However, Perkbox makes your dream holiday that little bit more affordable. With 10% off at, discounted luxury Airport Lounge access and even 25% off airport parking you can have that smug holiday feeling without having to sell all of your worldly possessions.

Cinema Trips: Childhood cinema trips of the past always involved mountains of popcorn, as many hotdogs as you could humanly carry and a soft drink so large that your movie is constantly interrupted by essential toilet trips. However, figures from the British Film Institute (BFI) show that the cost of going to the cinema has risen by 26% in the past five years, resulting in many customers being priced out of watching the latest releases on the big screen. Perkbox can help you fight back. With offers at Odeon, Cineworld, Vue and Picturehouse you can save money on your admission tickets, leaving you more of your budget for popcorn.

Gym memberships with prices that won’t make you sweat: Exercise is something which you should always incorporate into your lifestyle, with endorphins providing you with endless benefits. The modern working lifestyle makes it is all too easy to forgo the expensive gym membership to give you more spending money for enjoying yourself. However, Perkbox allows you up to 20% off a membership at GYMBOX, the antidote to boring gyms. GYMBOX believes that a good workout should be like a great night out – fun, sweaty and not entirely dignified. So whether you are interested in Rave workouts under UV lights, unique personal training or martial arts GYMBOX is for you. Are Rave workouts sounding all too “Full Moon Party” for you? Perkbox also has offers at Fitness First, Total Fitness, Virgin Active and Pure Gym, so there is no excuse for not donning your Lycra and releasing some endorphins.

So, how will you use you Perkbox Membership?