On September 23rd the ultimate team building exercise came to Manchester – Born Survivor. This event promised to put to the test both physical and mental abilities. To make matters more interesting, several of the 30 hazardous obstacles required some form of teamwork to conquer. JDX staff from Manchester alongside several clients volunteered to pit themselves against the worst Born Survivor had to offer.

The team travelled to Capesthorne Hall, usually famed for its incredible scenic setting however this was transformed to a sea of muddy carnage. Before the team could get stuck in, lives had to be signed away on the wavier (the variety of injuries it covered was quite concerning), and partake in some basic survival training from the Born Survivor team.

After that, there was nothing left for it but a final round of good lucks and preparing for the off!

It wasn’t long before the team were thrown right into it, a few gentle obstacles to start were followed by a deep pool of muddy water and logs. To avoid these meant being fully submerged in the ice cold swamp. No time for acclimatisation, but just suck it up and get it over with!

The challenges came thick and fast with no let up. Crawling through fields of barbed wire, wading through swamps of mud up to the neck, scaling 10ft walls and dropping into yet more icy water made for an exhausting experience. This is without mentioning the 10km total distance of the course! You can see how we got on in the video below!

The finish line was welcome sight – the first pint more so! Coming away with a few bruises and scratches and definitely the bug to try out some other obstacles courses in the future!