JDX can do a lot for local charities – but what can charity work do for JDX? Volunteering opportunities encourage teamwork and better working relationships. It increases engagement and understanding of the local community which JDX operates with in. Mostly though, it fosters a sense of achievement at both a personal and team level.

JDX’s involvement with Providence House and other local organisations demonstrate our commitment to the community. To get involved, or even just find out a little bit more about our mission, then reach out to Rio Smith for more information!

Providence Row was founded in 1860 and for the past 150 years they have been tackling homelessness by helping people get off and stay off the streets. The centre is located in East London which remains to be one of the most deprived areas in country, despite being situated next to one of the wealthiest areas, the City of London. Providence Row helps to provide a place of safety and support for some of the country’s most vulnerable people. They work with people whatever their background and aim to see the person rather than the problem. They do this by providing recover and progression services, for those recovering from alcoholism, addiction or mental health issues. As well as this training schemes also take place which enable the homeless to learn practical and general skills in the hopes that they will be able to use these skills and find themselves jobs in the future. Providence Row’s goal is to give these people the chance to lead fulfilled, independent lives and turn them into contributing members of the community.

Providence Row provide a multitude of sessions that give clients valuable skills needed to be able to search for, apply and remain in enjoyable employment. In this session JDX helped to get people online and improve their digital inclusion by assisting with an IT class. Each JDXer was assigned one or more client who was completing basic computer tasks such as a course on LearnMyWay, job applications or focused training in an area chosen by them. Dependent on the amount of clients that would like to attend the session, the hour and a half could be split into two 45 minute sessions, giving the clients the necessary time needed to progress and complete an array of tasks.

Overall, a really rewarding session!