Fresher’s week is over and defeated by a dogged hangover and surrounded by an army of empty bottles you are suddenly struck by the prospect of having to attend your very first lecture. But “do I really need to go?” you find yourself asking. It’s only first year after all…

Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave

After unpacking your last few bits, you plunge onto your unexpectedly springy mattress and look around your room smiling to yourself with sweet satisfaction. The rumbling of wheels and murmurs of people in the corridor is still there; now is the time to make your move. Swing open your door and pin it back with a door stop- it’s your time to shine!

Those early, slightly awkward, meetings with your new corridor buddies really are essential, if not just to secure a place in the much anticipated WhatsApp group chat. Be proactive, remember no hangover can justify your demise into a hermit existence; a hangover shared is a hangover halved.

While it may be difficult, try your best not to be narrow-minded, after all even if you’re not sure about the girl who lives opposite you, you never know, she might have some nice friends! Remember: University, and life, always involves networking.

Try and make your university life rounded (although perhaps not that notorious university waistline)

Your previously simplistic timetable structured on the tri-sector of academic work, sport and after-school activities will soon be a distant memory.  Indeed, the plethora of societies and sports which university offers means that even if you’ve never championed competitive team sports there will undoubtedly be something which tickles your fancy.

However, before you get carried away at your University’s societies fair, a word of warning for you all, the enticing free pens and sherbet lemons can trap you in an accidental commitment, and you could find yourself signing up to the university’s hula hoop society. Therefore, as you stroll through the avenue of endearing faces assert a bit of self-restraint and try not to blow your entire student loan joining 101 clubs. However, this could be your first and last opportunity to join a Justin Bieber appreciation society so don’t hold back!

When the reality of your first 9am hits…

Having overdone it during Fresher’s week, on Sunday night you are forced to confront your academic, yes not social, timetable. Your 9am lecture on Monday doesn’t seem so appealing anymore, but people don’t actually go to lectures anyway, do they? The answer is yes, just ask the guy on your corridor whose name you can’t remember and who asked you to turn down your music the other night at pre-drinks.

But in all seriousness, while your duvet and the latest episode of TOWIE may seem tempting, you’re not paying £9000 a year to gain a degree in soap operas.  Try to find balance; building good relationships with your lecturers and tutors will make your life a whole lot easier and set a favourable precedent for your future work. You must remember that while first and second term are blissfully undemanding, lectures notes and thus the content of your folders fast become your best friend as exam season looms.  Successfully harmonising your social and academic timetables and commitments means you can look back on first year smirking to yourself that you absolutely nailed it!

A a final tip for making the most of your fresher’s year is to ignore those people who tell you not to buy that greasy pizza you’ve been craving after a night out; you really don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Anyway you’ll feel so much better the next morning, won’t you?