The economy is one of the most important elements of our modern society. While the American economy is one of the most powerful in the world, there are major flaws that haunt the so-called capitalistic nation.

A capitalistic society aims to reward individuals for solving other individuals’ problems. It is expected that those fixing the problems are in turn creating a better and more prosperous society, while simultaneously being rewarded for their actions. However, this does not seem to be the case in the American culture: the gap between rich and poor is at a historic high and growing at an exceptionally rapid rate. If major change fails to occur, this gap will continue to grow, further alienating the very few at the top from the majority on the bottom.

Now, while no society can survive without some level of inequality, the level found in our society today is unacceptable. We no longer have the middle class our society needs to prosper. In order to have a successful society, there must be a strong and stable middle class. The objective of a middle class is to maintain a steady economic flow, where the employees are able to afford the products they are creating. We cannot sustain the amount of inequality found within our nation and if there are no movements towards drastic change, not only will our economy deteriorate, but also the people will inevitably revolt. Additionally, there is no harm in investing in a middle class. For one, it creates a more successful cycle for businesses, while also drastically raising the standard of living.

One need look no further than this election cycle to see the first warnings of this revolution. Both parties have been challenged by anti-establishment candidates. The popularity of Trump and Sanders is a symptom of the simmering tensions within America. The average voter will no longer accept the status quo, and unless faith is restored in the system, the whole American way of life is under threat. One cannot build a house upon weak foundations, just as one cannot build an effective economy upon the backs of a dissatisfied middle class.

What is a couple of hundred thousand to those making millions and billions? To avoid economic deterioration and the associated consequences, more people at the top need to seriously reconsider the role they play within society and begin investing in those struggling below them.