Congratulations on graduating and entering the big, bad world of unemployment! Here are three easy things you can do from home in order to help secure that first pay cheque.

1. Keep your CV updated

Every company you apply to will want to know why they should hire you, and not the other people clamouring at their door. Stage one of this procedure for recruiters will be sifting through hundreds, even thousands of CVs at a time. This is where most candidates are filtered out, and only a minority will be invited for interview. Make sure you don’t become part of the rejected majority! Give your CV a thorough makeover, and be prepared to tailor it for each application you do. For example, if you’re applying to a tech firm, prioritise your coding expertise and not your primary school acting roles. Similarly, if you’re applying for a marketing or advertising role, perhaps get creative with the design of your CV.

Our top tip is to be flexible and pro-active. We know it is a really time consuming process, but it is much better to spend an hour on one excellent application, than on four average ones.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become an incredibly useful resource for recruiters, and a top notch LinkedIn profile can lead to plenty of offers. This is the platform on which to put down everything you’ve done, almost like a database from which to hand-pick your CV content from. Think of it as a professional Facebook profile to include all the different roles of responsibility you’ve had, societies and clubs that you’ve joined during your time at university and the awards that you’ve won. It also gives you a way of doing research on the company and the personnel that you might come into contact with at an interview. Asides from giving you conversation starters, showing that you’ve done prior research is extremely impressive, and it can often be quite flattering! It is also a fantastic networking tool, giving you the ability to search your old school and university alumni groups for potential updates and opportunities.

Our top tip is to spend a good few hours setting up your LinkedIn profile and detailing all the relevant work experience you’ve done. If possible, provide examples of your work and even try to secure some recommendations from previous employers. It gives your profile that added flair, and a visual or two in a sea of text can really stand out!

3. Interrupt their day!

Go the extra mile to differentiate yourself. If there’s a particular role you really want, show the employer exactly why you’re the best candidate for that job. Interrupt their day. What do we mean? If you’re going for a role in video production, for example, show off your skills and expertise in that area. Perhaps send a link to a homemade video or show reel? That way, you’ve demonstrated your creativity and intuition, which is more likely to be watched and remembered by the potential employee.

Our top tip is just to go for it. Don’t worry about what they might think. The worst thing a company can do is ignore you, but the likelihood is that it will greatly impress them. Oh, and it’s always a good idea to send a follow-up email after submitting a job application to really show that you’re keen!