After an inevitably indulgent Christmas period, many of us decide to take on January sober to give our bodies the break they crave. But fear not, being sober for 4 weeks doesn’t mean endless nights of staying at home with Netflix. Here are some fun activities in London that will make staying dry easy:

Mocktail Bars

If you think taking part in dry January means you wont be able to enjoy a night out at a bar with all your friends, think again! More and more bars and clubs in London are serving non-alcoholic cocktails, which not only taste and look like your favourite cocktails, but also have the benefit of not feeling like them the morning after. Redemption in Notting Hill prides itself on healthy ‘mocktails’ and vegan specialities. Alternatively, popular bars such as Buddha Bar in Kensington, Anise on Liverpool Street and Nightjar in Shoreditch can all cater to your non-alcoholic needs. Seedlip, a distilled non-alcoholic spirit brand, will also be taking over The Bloomsbury Club Bar in Soho between Friday 13th and Sunday 15th to create modern twists on cocktails without alcohol. An event not to be missed if you are a dry January cocktail lover!

Fitness Raves

Some of the main reasons that many ditch the booze in January are health related, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still show off your best moves on the dance floor! Fitness raves have become the hottest fitness classes around and there are plenty of classes to suit your fitness needs and Dancing Queen desires. From Clubbercise: a Zumba-style dance class to club music with disco lights and glow sticks, to UV Yoga: practiced in a dark UV room to a mix of house, trance and electronica music, getting toned has never been so fun!

Alternative Cinemas

Weird and wonderful cinemas are popping up across London offering a full and authentic experience. What better way is there to spend a cold winters night than getting lost in a film in style? One option is The Lounge in Whiteleys. This cinema fuses film watching with fine dining. As customers enjoy one of the most comfortable cinemas in London, they are served luxury food straight to their seast. Everyman Cinemas are also growing around London; the independent network of boutique cinemas offering unique experiences from seating and films, to the service of food and drinks.

Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs are always a sure way to have a laugh on a night out, and the best part is that they are always funny, even when you’re sober! If you are cutting down on your spending on top of alcohol then the Secret Comedy Club is the perfect choice, with tickets costing as little as £1 on Wednesdays and £5 on the weekends.

Get Competitive

If you are alone in going sober this January amongst your friends, then why not take advantage of this and suggest a night out with a light-hearted, competitive game at a trendy venue. Options include Crazy golf at Swingers, Ping-ping at Bounce or Bowling and Ice-skating at Queens, which are all based in central London. Whilst all three venues serve alcohol, you’re better off without it to win!