JDX Consulting has found their niche in the Financial Services industry over the last three years, establishing a reputable brand in London, New York, and most recently Singapore. There is a strong emphasis on hiring graduates, like Jasmin, who has completed two projects and has just started her third.

Jasmin graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Economics, Finance and International Business, which was a four year sandwich course. Jasmin was a Teacher and the Treasurer of the Oxford Brookes Dance Society during her second year, and did a placement in the public sector in her third year, before completing her degree with a final year of studying. After her year placement as financial trainee in the local government, Jasmin wanted to branch out into the private sector after graduating, to a role that would offer multiple challenges and experiences.

After being invited to the JDX bootcamp, Jasmin found it a good refresher for the financial terms she had learnt during her studies, as well as an acquisition of additional knowledge.

“Bootcamp was quite challenging, as there was a relatively high volume of information to absorb in a short time frame for the exam, as well as having to demonstrate team skills for the presentation. It can be daunting being surrounded by such a mix of people, so it’s good to remember the benefits of diversity as you all bring different attributes to the table.”

Jasmin was assigned her first project at a Tier 1 investment bank, joining an already established remediation team. “Joining a team can be quite daunting as they already know the project and their roles, but you have been brought in to help and asking questions is a must - it makes it much easier to settle in.” This was a large team of over 20 JDX resources – a project that saw JDX expand rapidly!

After her first project, Jasmin had some time to complete some derivative training and assist in the running and expansion of the London offices. “This was a really enjoyable time where I got to know the company and immerse myself in its culture”. She was then assigned her second remediation project at another Tier 1 investment bank, starting with four other fellow JDXers. This was an exciting move for JDX as it was a project in an area of the bank that they had not yet explored. “It was exciting to see a project develop from the beginning and be a part of the whole journey.”

After going through the appraisal process and being promoted from Associate Consultant to Consultant, Jasmin joined an already established regulatory team in a Tier 1 investment bank to assist in the closing of the project. “It’s so good to get all the exposure to many different banks and different projects with such a variety of people”.

Jasmin has fully immersed herself in the JDX culture, contributing through Thinking Space articles, assisting and attending multiple events and introducing new relationships. You can read Jasmin’s article “FIFA Corruption Scandal and the Role of Financial Regulations” here: http://jdxconsulting.com/index.php/2016/06/06/fifa-corruption-scandal-and-the-role-of-financial-regulations/