Girls – we all know the struggle of having too many clothes but nothing to wear for the right occasion… When it comes to an interview, first impression is crucial. Imagine the scenario when you are going to an interview for your dream job, your CV is impressive, you have the right skills and experience. Is that enough? Not necessarily. Underestimating your attire or grooming is something that can cripple you on the way to a dream job. Follow our four basic steps to guarantee you stand out as a professional. 

Dress Professionally

A job interview is not a social event, which is why it is important to avoid being ‘overdressed’ or ‘under-dressed’. Striking a balance between feeling comfortable and looking professional is perhaps the hardest factor when it comes to an interview. ‘Dress to impress’ – an old cliché, but still valid, especially for recent graduates who made their first steps into the corporate world. It is true that most millennials have an eye for fashion and unique way to express themselves, however, conservative attire sometimes is the key for landing a dream job. Need some inspiration? Pinterest, a photo sharing app can be great for outfit inspiration, whatever your style.

Make-up and Accessories

Dressing up for an interview can be complicated and challenging. Although there are a wide range of options, there are also many factors to bear in mind. Accessories is an important part of interview attire to consider. The old cliché ‘less is more’ is essential when it comes to interviews. When choosing an appropriate bag, try and steer away from anything too bold, sparkly or sequined and keep it simple and classy. When considering accessories, it is good to try and keep it as simple as you can. Remember that fragrance should be subtle and some certain make-up styles should be avoided - save the fake eyelashes for the weekend!

Company Culture

Being aware of the company culture may help you decide what to wear. There may well be companies which allow their employees to dress casually or comfortably, however, most financial services companies have a corporate dress code which should be followed. If you feel unsure of the company culture, ensure you look professional enough and stick to traditional business attire.  Even in the case where you feel you may be allowed to dress casually, steer away from your favourite T-shirt or jeans. Remember that you can always adapt to the company culture and the way people are dressing later.

Don’t Do it!

Like it or not, outfit choices play a key part in creating a first impression. In order to convey the right message, you should always choose a suit or a business dress in darker/neutral colours. The opposite may have a bad impact on the final decision. Some final tips to consider when going for a job interview are listed below

  • Do not wear jeans, shorts, T-shirts or sweatshirts
  • Do not wear flip-flops, boots or sneakers
  • Do not wear backless, strapless or anything that shows too much skin.
  • Do not wear heavy make-up or large jewellery
  • Avoid showing piercing and tattoos, especially if you are interviewing for a financial institution.
  • Do not forget to be yourself and smile!