If you are planning on moving into New York City or simply visiting, the endless options of where to eat and go out for drinks can be pretty overwhelming. This guide will help you figure out where to grab drinks after work with colleagues, where to go out on the weekends, and where to find sustenance for your recovery the next morning.

After work drinks
Where better to go out after work then down in the financial district where the bars close down an entire street! Stone street is always packed for happy hour on Thursdays. With incredible happy hour deals and delicious food, how can you say no to a beer after work?

Rooftop drinks
Want to go see some spectacular views and have some amazing drinks with a fun atmosphere? Go check out 60 LES. Located in the super fun and hip Lower East Side, this tropically themed rooftop is perfect for rowdy drinks with friends and a great first pit stop for your night. What better way to get the night started than with some fresh outdoor air, dance music, and great company.

Dance bar
After you have the time of your life at 60 LES, why not pop over to One and One to keep the party going? Only a few block away from 60 LES, this bar is buzzing on entry. If you decide to descend to the basement you will stumble upon a packed dance atmosphere with loud music and people everywhere. One and One is a great spot to dance the night away into the early hours. And if you find yourself looking for your phone the next day, or in the mood to watch the game, come back for a morning beer and join some fellow fans to yell at the TV screen with.

Club Scene
Now that your night has already been made fabulous by all of the above recommendations, you may as well keep it going by hopping in a quick cab to the Highline Ballroom. This club has a super fun, electric atmosphere with free flowing drinks and a lounge area if you are into a more relaxed vibe.

The sun has risen and reality is starting to hit you with a sharp whack to the forehead, better hop right back on that horse with some delicious food and a much needed boozy brunch. PMF (Pardon My French) in Alphabet city will give you a brunch entry and bottomless drinks for $28.95! You will feel like you stumbled into a real French bistro with the beautiful atmosphere and charming wait staff.