Narrowing this list down to only five apps was no mean feat, but here’s what we think are the must-have apps for any student in London.

The must-have music app. Spotify offers incredible student rates for their entire library and even if you’re pushed for time, there are a wide range of pre-made playlists and recommendations for all occasions. If you’re a really big Spotify fan, they even hire student ambassadors and supply you with Spotify merchandise for social occasions, making your student pad the go-to place for pre-drinks!

Google Maps
Location, location, location. London is a big place and Google Maps will tell you the quickest way to get from A to B. It will even give you train and bus departures, and traffic updates. In our opinion, Google Maps is far superior to Apple’s own maps app due to its aesthetics, simpler layout and pinpoint GPS accuracy.

Whether it’s for work, social, sport, you name it, every group chat you have is likely to be on WhatsApp. It’s easy and fun to use. The app now even allows people to make calls on it, making it one of the most popular messaging apps on the planet.

Google Drive
As a student, technical disasters can strike at the worst times. Google offer a very generous 15 GB for free, whilst Google Photos allows you to back up all your photos for absolutely nothing, affording you more storage space. Backing up your documents online also means that you can then access them on your phone whilst being on the move. We love this!

Tilt is fast becoming the only way to pay for student events. It is an organiser’s dream, and you’re able to see who has and hasn’t paid without having to trawl through spreadsheets and old messages. For the attendee, your money only gets taken when the target is reached, so everyone’s happy!

Note: These are apps you have to download from the App Store and are not pre-installed ones such as Mail or Calendar - which we think are essential as well!