Your work space is where the magic happens during the day. This is the place where the majority of your time is spent, which is why it is essential to maintain a space that is optimal for productivity, achieving goals, and feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day so you will be ready and motivated to start again the next morning.

  1. Less is more

Minimalism is key to productivity. Stay away from a cluttered desk, an excess of items in your work space can be distracting and stress inducing. It’s OK to keep a few photographs and decorations to personalise your space, however be selective in what you choose to have out on your desk. Identify the items that are necessary and that are used on a daily basis, and try to fit all of the office supplies you need in a single drawer. Be mindful of loose paperwork and utilise file folders to keep documents managed. It’s easy to build up a pile of various papers and notes, and it’s likely that most of these will get lost in the pile or are simply not needed. Don’t be afraid to use the trash can!

  1. Gain momentum in your day

In order to boost productivity, Momentum is a wonderful free google chrome add-in that you can add to your web browser. It serves as your own personalised dashboard and has features that include a photo of a beautiful location in the world and an inspirational quote that both change daily, the ability to define a focus for the day, and a function where you can keep a to-do list. There is no better feeling than checking off every task on a to-do list by the end of the day! Other perks that this add-in provides are the time, weather, and a daily greeting customised with your name.

  1. Develop a clean slate routine

If you find that your desk becomes chaotic throughout the hustle and bustle of the day, a good practice is to do a cleanse at the end of your work day to tidy your desk of all paperwork, organise your computer desktop, and clear your inbox. This will give you a clean slate, enabling you to start fresh the next morning. A clean slate routine is beneficial because it gives you closure for the day and allows you to unwind rather than stressing out all evening about the many tasks that need to be completed the next day.

  1. Utilise natural light and plants

It has been scientifically proven that natural light is beneficial for productivity in the workplace. If it is possible, ensure that your work space lets in plenty of natural light, especially for those who tend to keep the shades down. In addition, plants (particularly succulents) make great office decorations and provide both physical and psychological benefits such as reducing stress, creating a calming and positive work environment, and even providing cleaner air to breathe. The combination of natural light and plants can drastically brighten a seemingly dull work space and improve the quality of both performance and attitude.

By using these simple practices to make adjustments to your work space, you will immediately begin noticing positive changes in your quality of work and life!